Interest Rate, FX and Commodity Management

Are you looking for a competent and reliable partner to help you identify your current and future interest rate and FX risks, and who has individually tailored solutions at hand?

We'll be happy to make an in-depth and significant analysis of your interest rate and FX-risks, sharing with you our extensive experience in the field.

With us, you can actively manage your interest rate risks through hedging instruments (derivatives), and we can also help you to control existing FX-risks.

At the same time, we can identify opportunities for you to benefit from lower interest rates in foreign capital markets.

Of course, our risk management can also evaluate the impact commodity price fluctuations may have on your business, and can provide comprehensive hedging strategies.

Your benefits - Non-EUR: Accounts, Deposits, Loans

  • standardised processing of international payments in non-EUR currencies
  • possibility of indirect exchange rate hedging by offsetting incoming and outgoing foreign currency
  • avoidance of conversion cost

You receive a solution tailored to your requirements.

Your benefits - FX-Management

  • exporters and importers secure a fixed basis for their calculations by using the
  • hedging instruments available
  • SPOT deals can be closed without a minimum amount

You profit from the know-how of our FX trading experts.

Your benefits - Interes Rates & Commodity Management

  • use of derivative products to hedge your risks
  • this results in an active pursuit of opportunities
  • We would be pleased to review your interest portfolio for the purpose of optimization.

The bundling of expertise in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe ensures attractive pricing and a high level of service and quality for you.

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Interest Rate, FX and Commodity Management
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